The Coffey Barn

Wedding and Special Event Venue

Q: What is the time allotted for my event? 

​​You have exclusive access to The Coffey Barn property starting at 9:00 am until 11:00 pm.  Saturday rentals also include exclusive access to the property the day prior from 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

Q: What is the timing of the rehearsal for the ceremony?

A ceremony rehearsal for a Sunday can be hosted on a prior day if additional time is rented.  A 2 hour rehearsal time can be rented Monday to Thursday for $100 in conjunction with a full day rental. If rehearsal is desired on a Friday or Saturday a full day rental is required.

Q: How much time is allowed for set-up and clean-up?

Set-up time begins when your rental time starts.  Saturday rentals can start setting up Friday at 3:00 pm.  Full day rentals can start setting up at 9:00 am on the day of the event.

All items must be removed by the end of the rental period at 11:00 pm on the day of the rental.

Q: Do you allow decorations?

Yes, we welcome flowers, centerpieces, battery powered candles, and lighting.  Decorations can be hung on the walls using push pins at levels easily reached.  We do not allow decorations hung from the rafters or high on the walls. 

Q: What kind of music is permitted?

Our facility is open to all types of music including live performances or DJ's.  We also have speakers you can use with your phone or device and play your own.  Music is permitted until 11:00 pm on weekends at reasonable levels (not to exceed 85 decibels).

Q: Does The Coffey Barn offer audio/video equipment? 
We do have two speakers that you have access to during your time.  One of the speakers is rechargeable to use outside.  Both speakers have a wired microphone, audio connection cord for electronic devices, and power cords included.  Wireless microphones can be provided for an additional security deposit of $50.

Q: When do we have access to the dressing areas?

You have access to the dressing areas during the entire rental period.  Saturday rentals will have access to the dressing areas on the day prior to the rental starting at 3:00 pm, full day rental have access starting at 9 am. We are not set up for overnight stays.

Q: Can you recommend any local vendors?

Yes, we have some business cards for vendors that have been to the venue and performed well.

Q: Are tents included in your rentals?

No, we do not offer the option of a tent in our equipment.  If you would like to rent a tent, we can direct you to a local vendor.  However, due to setup and breakdown schedules of the vendors, and since we have multiple weddings per weekend, you would be required to rent a full weekend in order to set up an outdoor tent. 

Q: Do you provide day of coordination?

No, we do not provide the kind of step by step instruction, attention, or setup labor of a professional wedding planner or coordinator.  We do recommend hiring a planner or coordinator, particularly if you are coming from out of town. 

​Q: May we bring in an outside caterer?

Yes, you can bring in any outside vendors that you choose.  The Coffey Barn does not restrict the caterer, DJ, Photographers, event planners, or any other outside vendors you choose.

Q: Does The Coffey Barn provide the wedding cake?

No, We do not provide a wedding cake or any other food for the event.

Q:  Can we bring in our own alcohol?

Yes, we do allow outside alcohol on the property, and do not require the use of a bartender.  However, if any type of alcohol is consumed on the property (either served to guests or consumed only by the wedding party while getting ready) we do require that you purchase an event insurance liability policy from an outside vendor of your choice.  We must have a copy of the policy at least 30 days prior to the event.  We do recommend a bartender when mixed drinks are served in order to control consumption.

Q: Will you tentatively hold my event date?

No, we do not hold dates on a tentative basis.  Your date will be reserved once the contract has been signed and an initial deposit received.

Q: What is the payment schedule?

An initial non-refundable deposit of $500 is due at contract signing.  The remainder of the wedding package price and any additional rented items is due no later than 30 days prior to the event date.  However, you may make incremental payments along the way.  We accept payments by cash, check, credit and debit cards either in person or online.

Q: Do we clean-up after the event.

We provide clean-up of the barn at the conclusion of the event with a full day rental.  We will wipe tables and chairs, sweep and mop the floors, clean the restrooms and dressing areas, and haul off the trash.  Clean-up of the kitchen and any kitchen items used will need to be provided by the caterer.  For day and a half rentals, the cleanup will not be included on Friday night other than to haul off the trash. You will need to provide clean-up if needed before the Saturday event day.

Q: How do guest know where to park?

We will have one or two parking attendants directing traffic as guest arrive.

Q: What all is in the kitchen for us to use?

The kitchen includes refrigerator, stove with oven, sink, 2 microwaves, coffee maker, and prep table.  Other small decorative, serving, or dispensing items may be present in the kitchen that you can use.  Items present during the planning meeting may or may not be available during your event.  We also provide coffee with accessories, garbage bags, toilet paper, and some paper towels.

Q: Do you provide table cloths for the tables?

We do have white floor length tables cloths to fit all of our tables.  There is a cleaning fee to use the tables cloths of $10 each.  We do not have table runners, or colored table cloths.

Q: Can we rent the barn for a Wedding Shower/Baby Shower/Birthday Party or Other event?

Yes, we will rent for most types of events.  However, on the weekends we only rent for full day events.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday rentals are 9 am to 11 pm at full rental rates.  During the weekdays, Monday to Thursday, we will rent 4 hours for smaller events for $400.  Additional time can be added for $75 an hour up to a max of 6 hours.  We unfortunately can no longer rent for teenage parties.  

Thank you for your interest in The Coffey Barn.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.